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I wanted to create a brand of clothing designed exclusively for petite women. For too long, petite women here in the UK have had a very poor choice available –  shopping for clothes can be a really dispiriting experience. I know, I’m 5’1" and too often the so-called small sizes don’t fit, the waist sits too low, the body is too long, the shoulders too wide. Don't even mention the sleeves or trouser lengths. There is just too much material or the design simply doesn’t suit our small frame. In truth, the clothes we see in the shops and online, even in the smaller sizes, are in the main designed for taller women. Clearly there is something amiss when we typically see a size 6 dress being modelled on a woman who is 5’10” or even taller.

So, the idea gradually took root that I could do something about it by starting my own brand. I was working as a lawyer in London at the time, with no background in the fashion business. What I did have was a real passion to create a solution for women like me, to design and produce a stylish, versatile and modern collection with elegant petite women at its heart.

So here it is, the Jennifer Anne brand, where we take the petite woman’s frame as the starting point for the design and do not just cut a few cm off the length. The fit is paramount, the look tailored and classic using high quality fabrics. When you look at the clothes on our website, you will only see models of 5’3” or under.  Customers can get a realistic view of how the clothes will look on their petite frame.

Jennifer Anne is a premium online womenswear brand designed and made in the UK exclusively for the petite woman. It is really important to me to have the clothes produced here in the UK. We have a great tradition and heritage and that is something I want the Jennifer Anne brand to be part of.

Our goal is to provide petite women with a wealth of choice in clothes where they can assume a perfect fit and will find beautifully tailored and classic designs. Our clothes will become a wardrobe staple, items to be treasured and worn by grown up petite women with confidence and ease.



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