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Powerfully Petite Queen Elizabeth II: a fashion icon for petite women everywhere

Posted on May 31 2022

Arguably one of the most powerfully petite women in the world and definitely the best known and much loved, Queen Elizabeth II is a shining example of how height is not linked to status or presence. No one could argue that the Queen is ever overlooked due to her smaller stature. 

The Queen is a very lucky woman on many many fronts of course. But for me there is one aspect that stands out the most and one that I am most envious of: I would imagine, she has never had the experience of struggling (as many of her smaller subjects have, including myself!) to find clothes that fit. Elizabeth II has always had designers falling over themselves to dress her and as a result she is always so perfectly turned out, with her clothes fitting her perfectly.

The Queen has never had to trawl around the shops trying to find clothes that fit and end up coming home disappointed and empty handed. Not for her the need to keep hitching up her sleeves so they don’t droop down below her hands or making do with dresses where the waist of the dress comes down to your hips due to your shorter nape to waist measurement; or to experience standing in front of  the mirror in the changing room where a tall willowy assistant attempts to convince you that the size 6 dress you are trying on (and which seems to have been made for someone at least half a foot taller than you), will fit you wonderfully, if only you would have it altered to take out the meters of extra material in which you are currently drowning.

I don’t imagine either that the Queen has had to resort to discreetly rolling up the bottoms of her trousers when she hasn’t managed yet (or been bothered) to get them altered.

It must be a pretty perfect world (on the fashion side), where as a 5’ 3” woman (or thereabouts) so many items in your wardrobe have been specially designed for you and fit you like a glove. If I had had such luck myself, then I would never have had occasion to think that there was a need for a petite brand, so maybe my Jennifer Anne customers are in fact glad I was not born as the Queen or they would not have had the Jennifer Anne petite range of clothes to choose from!

The Queen understands so well how to dress to suit and flatter your frame when you are on the smaller size. She is much praised for her timeless elegance and well known for her love of monochrome dressing which allows her to stand out with a clear silhouette in wonderful single colours. These are ideals of which we approve very much with our petite clothing range too.

It would be so amazing for our London based petite brand to be given the opportunity of designing an outfit for the Queen but I suspect her address book for designers is, unfortunately for us here at Jennifer Anne, completely full. I would imagine too that she is currently just a little too busy to be interviewed in our #Powerfully Petite series in which we have interviewed a world class conductor, a best selling author, not to mention some wonderfully talented and successful Jennifer Anne customers. Oh well, never mind – we take great pleasure nevertheless in wishing Her Majesty many many congratulations on her Platinum Jubilee Year and state our appreciation of her as a fashion icon, setting the standards so high for other petite women around the world.


Jennifer Ison

Founder of Jennifer Anne Petite

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