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The Power of Clothes - Guest Blog by Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Gail Morgan

Posted on February 17 2021

The Power of Clothes
by Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Gail Morgan


Clothes have the power to inspire us, excite us, make us feel invincible, boost our confidence, and send messages about who we are, without uttering a single word.

Our clothes can be one of the quickest ways to build rapport and help us to feel part of a community or team. And they can affect our mood and mindset dramatically.

Hopefully, you have items in your wardrobe that give you this power. That fabulous dress, cocooning jumper or pair of “kick ass” heels.

As with most petite women, you have probably struggled to find something that actually fits you properly and that allows you to move freely. BUT when you do own garments that fit, as well as reflecting your lifestyle and personality – how different do you feel?

When you “make do” with garments that aren’t quite right or uncomfortable, it shows in your face. And you will almost certainly “fiddle” with your clothes as you attempt to adjust them…

If you need a simple dress that packs a punch, both at work and socially [when that comes round again and hopefully soon....], then take a look at the Beiwen, Maurier, Flora or Freya dresses (pictured in this post). All  quick and easy, confidence building solutions.

Petite shift dresses black and blush


What you choose to wear has an enormous impact on your mindset and this is especially so with the colours you select.

Have you noticed that if you ever feel low or fed up, you gravitate towards the dullest darkest colours… when adding a pop of colour would be far more beneficial!

Obviously knowing the colours and shades that suit your colouring helps, and I would always recommend a colour analysis session for this. Wearing a scarf, necklace or top in a flattering colour is an instant confidence booster.

You could also use colour psychology to enhance your mood &/or change people’s reactions towards you. For example, to inject feelings of calm, wear greens or blues


Green silk print petite wrap dress and blue petite shift dress

whereas for energy and dynamism go for red!

Red Petite Shift Dresses 

Many of us have become accustomed to “comfort” wear over the last few months whilst working from home and I predict that this trend will continue as we want to maintain that sense of cosseting.

Therefore, I suspect that tailoring will become softer and we will increasingly look for comfort in our workwear. But be aware - you still need to maintain a professional appearance whether that is in real life or via Zoom. Shirts such as the Persephone and structured tops with sleeves such as Libera would be great solutions.

Silk Shirts and Long sleeved petite tops

We all have to get dressed every day, so let’s wear clothes that inspire us and spark a sense of joy every time that we wear them.

If you would like to find out more about Gail’s work and her virtual colour analysis service, click here

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