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The essential six piece petite capsule wardrobe - Part 3

Posted on June 02 2017

Hannah Hughes turns her attention this time to tailoring and workwear.

Tailoring and workwear

Being petite is often associated with being cute which, as annoying as this can be, does occasionally have its perks. However, in the workplace no one wants to be associated with ‘cute’, so feeling sharp is a must for petite women. Nobody wants to feel they are drowning in badly fitting clothes, or worse - wearing an oversized school blazer!

As a petite your main focus when putting together an outfit is to create a streamlined silhouette, which draws the eye up and down, instead of side to side. This is why monochromatic (tones, tints and shades of a single hue) and simplicity are the key to office dressing. We’ve put together these sharp office outfits that will be sure to get you noticed and promoted!




An example of coloured monochromatic dressing (tonal shades of blue mixed with navy accessories)




Monochrome office dressing is guaranteed to always look sharp. A pointed court shoe in the same colour as your suit will lengthen your silhouette.






Neutral shades are great for summer office dressing. White accessories are really on trend for summer and a deep V style will really accentuate your leg length.



A classic shirt dress is a great office staple. Add interest to your office look with printed and high shine accessories in classic sixties shapes.


We hope you enjoyed this latest advice from Hannah Hughes. Try it at work and see the results!

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