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Style Suggestion from Woman & Home

Posted on January 09 2020

I learned something new from our Kent Shirt being featured this month in Woman & Home. They styled the reader who was modelling for the article with a French Tuck - this is where the shirt is worn half in and half out to emphasise your waist. Who would have known...

Another tip I am sure you all certainly know already (but it is always worth being reminded), is to look out for tailored and fitted styles to emphasise your waist. 

Here is the Kent Shirt that lends it self so well to the French Tuck!

If you would like to see an alternative to this style, the Persephone Silk Shirt is a very elegant and fitted style that can be tucked neatly into your skirt or trousers (without the usual acres of fabric you have to hide away from non petite brands) or it sits very beautifully when left untucked. 

The Persephone Shirt comes in ivory, cream or blush as well. So much choice!



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