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Best jumpsuits for petites - a fabulous style for stylish short women

Posted on October 20 2021

Can you wear a jumpsuit if you are petite? Of course you can, the only problem is finding one that will fit and suit your frame. The fashion industry has been notoriously bad at providing stylish, good quality clothing for the smaller woman and this is only too apparent with jumpsuits.

So often when you are petite, you just have to get used to having to alter the clothes you buy on the High Street for them to fit you. This is, however, particularly difficult with the jumpsuit, as clearly it is an all in one and not such an easy quick fix. Also, if you're trying on a piece of clothing, it's not always easy to imagine if it will look good on you if substantial alteration is needed. So with these difficulties facing petite women high in our minds, we set out to design and produce the perfect jumpsuit for petite women. 

We started off in our design process with lots and lots of sketches, narrowed these down to the favourite few and then the hunt for the best fabrics began. The fabric and the design are very much tied up with each other but last year was not so easy as all the fabric fairs, where we usually go to find new fabrics, were put on hold.   We were very pleased to discover a new (to us) organic cotton supplier based in Wales and used them for quite a few of our styles we brought out in the spring earlier this year - including of course our petite Carla Jumpsuit in denim. 

We wanted to give our petite customers a choice for our first jumpsuit and just loved the black tencel fabric we found for this. It is wonderfully soft and drapes beautifully. The organic cotton is also soft and is just so comfortable to wear. It has been so lovely to hear from customers delighted with their choice of jumpsuit. We will definitely look out for a new jumpsuit style to bring out in 2022.

So let's show you some more fabulous pictures of our Carla Jumpsuit for petite women. I'm sure you will love them.

Petite Denim Jumpsuit



So what is the trick to designing fabulous jumpsuits for petite women? Clearly you need gorgeous fabrics and aesthetically the jumpsuit should look amazing. But all this is no good, if it doesn't fit your shape well. Proportion is key and the top half needs to be in balance with the bottom half. This is one of the main reasons that a small woman find it so hard to get a good fitting jumpsuit – if the top half is too long for your body then the bottom half starts too far down. If you are petite, you will understand this issue straight away!

Wearing a jumpsuit that fits you properly when you are small is just amazing, the vertical line of this style magically lengthens the body of the petite woman. Even when I tried on the very first toile in the design process, I was astonished how flattering the jumpsuit shape was. I had always stayed away from jumpsuits, as I feared being drowned in fabric – there is no chance of this in one of our Jennifer Anne jumpsuits. We understand the petite figure and how to design for it. 

The belted waist allows you to cinch it in to the shape that flatters your form the best. Monochrome is always a good choice for petite women too. Interestingly, we have found that women who are a couple of inches taller than our target size of 5'3" and with shorter torsos relatively and longer legs, also look fabulous in the Jennifer Anne Jumpsuits. They just wear them cropped. That's the beauty of jumpsuits!

Our jumpsuits are amazingly versatile and can be so easily dressed up or down with your choice of shoes, scarves or jewellery. So, whether you're looking for an outfit for your working week, the school run, a night out at the theatre, a weekend break or a business meeting - one of our Jennifer Anne jumpsuits will meet your needs. Try it and see!


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