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Wimbledon Village Petite Model Photo Shoot 1

Posted on September 14 2021

It was such a treat to have a half day photo shoot at the end of August with our petite model Hannah in Wimbledon Village.  Our friends at Joseph Azagury who design and make such wonderful elegant shoes, very kindly agreed for us to be based there before their shop opened mid morning.

Photo shoots do sound glam but there is a lot of running around and preparation. It made things so much easier for us to have somewhere central in the village to run back to for each change of clothes.   

We would only have time to shoot a limited number of styles from our petite clothing range and it was very hard to make the choice. We started off with Hannah wearing the Lucy Jersey Dress in blue - it's a really great colour and I thought it would stand out well against the street background.

The main picture above shows Hannah sitting down in front of the Ivy Cafe in the centre of the village. We couldn't let Hannah sit down for long though......... Nigel Harvey our photographer suggested we go round the corner while it was early and the village was still relatively quiet for him to take pictures of Hannah walking along the High Street.

Model walking in petite blue jersey dress

 Hannah in the Petite Lucy Jersey Dress in Blue walking along the High Street 

I was very pleased how the blue did really stand out against what was at that point quite a grey morning. It's a great dress, sits so well on a shorter frame and I am sure will be a real gem for autumn/winter days.

Back to the Azagury Shop and Hannah did a lightening quick change into our latest Beiwen V-neck Shift Dress in a gorgeous teal colour - no problems here with standing out against a grey background!  We now have a choice of 5 colours for this petite dress but I must say the teal colour is a real wow.

Petite model in teal shift dress by shop window

Hannah wearing the  Petite Beiwen Dress in Teal outside Vallebona

We walked the other way down the High Street and stopped outside the wonderful Italian deli Vallebona where you can buy all manner of truly delicious Italian produce - cheese, pasta, wine, oils and their Panettone stocked in the Christmas period is a definite favourite in our household. It's a great place too for buying presents when visiting friends - you will become very popular!

A fast walk back through the village and this time Hannah changed into our new Gingham Dress The Thomasina. The dress has been designed in a prairie style, finally one that the petite woman can wear without being drowned in fabric. The dress comes in a gorgeous fresh navy and white gingham fabric and can be worn with trainers when you want a free and easy look - so practical to step out in. Alternatively of course you can smarten the dress up with boots or heels.

 Petite model in gingham dress in front of fruit stall

 Hannah wearing the Petite Thomasina Dress in Gingham in front of Bayley & Sage 

Keeping the topic on food, we moved on to Bayley & Sage a long term and treasured resident in Wimbledon Village providing fabulous fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese and delicious seasonal dishes prepared in their kitchens. It was very hard not to go in and sample - but thank goodness as I live nearby I knew I would get an opportunity to do that another time! 

We are about half way now through showing you pictures from our shoot. We have time for just one more and will save the rest for Part 2. If you subscribe to our updates you will be told when Part 2 comes out as well as hearing about new styles and any special offers. You can sign up here - just scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see where you can fill in your details.

 Petite model wearing denim jumpsuit Hannah wearing the Petite Carla Denim Jumpsuit with Wimbledon Village Stables riding past


Talk about luck - just as Nigel started to take pictures of Hannah wearing the Carla Denim Jumpsuit, riders from the Wimbledon Village Stables came by. The horses and their riders give the picture a real village atmosphere don't you think? We could almost be in the country rather than a London suburb - part of the joy and luck of living in Wimbledon, it really is a special place. 

I am so pleased that we brought out jumpsuits in our petite clothing collection this year. It's not just a first for Jennifer Anne Petite, it's also first for me. I had never been drawn to jumpsuits as I just kept thinking of all that fabric and how unlikely it was that they would fit me - too dispiriting even to try. You can't simply turn up the trousers in a jumpsuit and think that will do. It is super important that the right proportions are in place for a jumpsuit. And of course that is what we have done with our two Jennifer Anne petite jumpsuits - available in tencel and denim.

I had a great half day with Hannah and Nigel showcasing clothes from our petite collection in Wimbledon Village - I hope you like the pictures and are encouraged to come and visit Wimbledon Village. It is such a lovely place to see the shops and go out to eat. You can always make an appointment to try on clothes from our petite range when you do - we would love to see you. Also if you have any friends who ask you where can they buy petite clothes, you will know what to tell them!




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