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Standing up for petite women - the 'real' photoshoot

Posted on May 13 2018

You would be amazed how hard it is to find professional petite models, that is to say women of 5' 3" or so and under who earn their living modelling. We were really lucky when we found Lizzie Dyer who has been the model for our first two fashion shoots but it was more akin to a treasure hunt. It is not hard to realise the reason for this, you only have to open any women's magazine or fashion pages in a newspaper to see that the women modelling clothes for the fashion industry are in general rather on the tall side. So a relatively small individual who is interested in modelling will have more luck specialising in beauty, feet, hands etc as there is only a tiny amount of work open to them as a petite fashion model.

When you think of the beautiful women you know - whether they are friends, colleagues, family, I am sure that you don't think first about their height. So it is a little frustrating to say the least, that the fashion world does. As you can imagine, I am very keen to give the smaller woman a bigger platform and I thought it would be a nice idea to show our petite range in a different way, with ordinary women wearing our clothes out and about. I wanted to show that women do not have to be at the upper end of the 5' range to look great in lovely clothes and that the lower end and below is more than fine. So I gathered together a group of 4 women for a photoshoot in the City in London - myself (of course!), Asma, Shahida and Diana and we met on a rainy day in April (why on earth had we hoped for a sunny day ? It is England after all). 

We started off at Blooms in the City, a fabulous female-focussed work space near Old Street. Here's me (before the makeup and hair session....) with my accountant friend Shahida already made-up and looking fabulous in the blue Bronte Dress  both of us clearly looking forward to the day ahead. 

Photoshoot Blooms Petite Woman in Bronte Button Front Dress and Founder dressed in jeans


We had a great day, lots of fun and laughter. I was so lucky in finding my team of clever, funny and strong women - a wonderful group. Diana who you can see below wearing the Anna shirt dress in black (and holding the proof that it was a pretty rainy day), is a lawyer with a real eye for and love of fashion [check out her Instagram @diana_styles_london]. When Diana came over to my house for our initial meeting to try on our petite clothes it was amazing, everything she tried on in the Jennifer Anne range looked fantastic on her, a perfect fit. 


Petite lawyer in Jennifer Anne black shirt dress  

And here she is in Blooms, dressed in a beautiful royal blue Freya Dress complete with the Olwen black cropped jacket. We loved the background foliage.

Petite women in blue shift dress with black cropped jacket

Shahida, Asma and Diana had never met before but they all soon bonded on our day of modelling together, rushing in and out of Blooms to get some outdoor shots whenever the rain held off for a while. 

Two petite women standing dressed smartly in Jennifer Anne

Our photographer Jelly Luise (Instagram @jellyluise), a graduate of Central St Martins was delightful to work with and did a fantastic job despite the elements working against us. 

Below is a picture of Asma and me glad to find somewhere to shelter under for Jelly to take this shot of us. Asma, as you can see looks just fantastic in the blue Anna shirt dress. I am wearing black Brigit trousers, ivory Proserpina notch neck top together with my favourite Olwen cropped jacket in blush. Asma maybe looking like a professional model here but in her 'other life' she is an entrepreneur and founder of Boudoir Lashes. Clearly a talented lady! 

Two petite models standing together 

We were delighted to find this fantastic car just parked in the street, what a great shot of Asma wearing the blush Hebe polo dress. I think she wanted to take this car home with her !

Woman dressed in a petite blush polo dress standing by vintage car

Pictures in cafes were great, not only could we take the chance to have a coffee but we were dry - hurray! Shahida is looking very thoughtful here -the red of the Artio dress looks just beautiful on her.

Woman in petite red dress seated at a cafe window


When the rain became too much we moved back inside and tried out the meeting rooms at Blooms and found it very hard to look serious and business like, far too much laughing going on.

4 women in petite dresses sitting at a table



Two women laughing in a meeting 

 At the end of the day, my friend Ally who had helped to organise the shoot suggested we head over to the Ned near the Bank of England for a well deserved drink. Here is Shahida looking just stunning again in the red Artio Dress


Woman at the Ned in Petite red Artio Jennifer Anne Dress

Here is one of me too at the club in our wonderful navy Brookner Blazer, Smith Trousers and ivory Persephone Silk Shirt.

Petite woman wearing navy Jennifer Anne trouser suit

And a final one of Diana, Shahida and me. What a great day!

 3 petite women at the Ned







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