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The Telegraph Online - ‘Shopping for petite clothes has always felt like a treasure hunt’

Posted on August 09 2021

I am so delighted to be featured in The Telegraph online today. I told Telegraph Fashion Journalist Emily Cronin my story of the journey from lawyer to fashion entrepreneur. The seeds were sown when from a young age I would go shopping with my mother (also a lawyer) and would see how hard she found it to buy clothes that didn't swamp her petite frame. Our shopping trips always felt more akin to a treasure hunt...

If you're reading this blog then you probably don't need to be told how most people don't appreciate the ability to be able to walk into a High Street shop and have a good chance of finding something that you like and that fits you.  When you're small this is just not your reality - it's a real challenge for a petite person. Of course I'm not saying that we never find lovely clothes that fit us but you do have to work much harder to find them.

I was so frustrated how most High Street brands just don't get it for petite women. As you know well it's not just a question of shortening the length whether that's on the sleeves or the bottom of the trousers or the length of the top – it's also very much a question of proportions and also making sure that the design itself is going to suit the smaller frame.

I talked in the article about how my most successful shopping trips were when I went on holiday on the Continent where it was so much easier to find clothes beautifully designed that would fit me perfectly. A real joy and that is what I have tried to create with Jennifer Anne - from the feedback I receive from our lovely customers that is what we are achieving.

I am also very proud that this is a British brand with all our clothes designed and made here in the UK. I picked out two of our recent styles to highlight in the article - The Thomasina Gingham Prairie Dress and the Carla Jumpsuit

Petite prairie dress and jumpsuits

Of course I couldn't not also mention our most popular dress the Beiwen V-Neck Shift Dress from our very first collection - we keep adding additional colours and you keep buying it. Keep a lookout for a new colour coming out in the autumn. 



Anyway do check out the article if you get a chance - there is a paywall with The Telegraph but you can always sign up for a free article and take a look. 




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